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Dronfield Players was founded in the Spring of 1943, at a time when every town and village in Britain had become used to the difficulties and shortages of wartime living. Thus was the seed of the Players sown, as a means of entertainment, through the formation of a play reading group. Since 1943, we have continued to go from strength to strength, and now we believe ourselves to be one of the premier amateur theatre groups in the Sheffield and Chesterfield area.

We currently perform our various productions at the Dronfield Civic Centre, which has all the facilities for staged productions that one might expect from a provincial theatre.

We are very proud of our long history of putting on excellent quality plays, whether drama, farce or comedy, and very much look forward to you perhaps joining us to help us keep that history alive.

                                                                                                                  Meet The Team


Chrissy Broughton

Having moved to Dronfield 14 years ago, I was looking for a local amateur drama society to have some creative fun and meet like minded people.  I haven’t looked back since!  I've enjoyed learning props, wardrobe, set building, acting to Directing, as  well as a wide variety of social activities.  In addition, I am actively involved in committee life helping to ensure the continuation of this great society. The Players isn’t just about the plays we put on it’s also about it’s fellow members, the friendships and support many have shown to me over the years – I would never have had the nerve to do any of this without their help.


Daniel Roberts
Vice Chair

I started in amateur drama around 15 yrs ago. I have had the opportunity to participate in set design, sound, lights, stage management as well as acting. Through Dronfield Players I have made many great new friends not just through putting on plays and participating in one act festivals but also through the social side of the society.


Chris Nicholas

I joined Dronfield Players as their Treasurer in 2001, since that time I have held various committee positions, as Treasurer, Vice Chairman, and Chairman. I now return to my original role as Acting Treasure (not to be confused with a Treasurer who acts, although, I have been know to tread the boards but only when the play requires someone who looks like a young Sean Connery!! .....if only).

I am probably best known for leading set design and build over many recent years, working closely with our set décor team. As FoH Manager during the play run you'll often see me upfront introducing our plays and telling some very poor jokes to keep our audiences happy!

PS: People often ask me how I manage to smuggle chocolate into a theatre performance, let's just say I have a few Twix up my sleeve... 


Caroline Hurt

I joined the group in 2015 and although I don't go onstage I've always played an active role backstage. Dronfield Players are well known for their elaborate sets & I'm often involved in helping to design and decorate them, which can sometimes involve trying to source all manner of unusual objects like a coffin from the local funeral directors, but it's really satisfying to all work together & create a great set.   I also love the social side and have made lots of like-minded friends within Players.  Update; Cheshire Cats is the first DP play in which I will be on stage instead of back stage!


David Lumb
Committee Member

I have been involved with Dronfield Players for many years. I have designed and I have helped to build dozens of sets, I was Chairman for 6 years, and even acted once, an event never to be repeated. In recent years I have written many plays, and i was immensely proud to have in successive years, when the BEST Play and Best New Play awards at the Sheffield Drama Festival/ Since then we have repeated those plays in our own Civil Hall as we immerged from the pandemic lockdown. My most recent interest is in pop-up theatre. This allows scope for improvised theatre work away from the main stage, and for our actors to be involved between the main shows. Nowadays, I hope offer some continuity as a new enthusiastic group of players takeover. 


Jeanette Roberts

Committee Member

I participate in all aspects of the society from backstage, props, stage manager to acting. I also enjoy the social scene which is varied and that is where i have met a lot of my friends.


Carol Mullins
Membership Secretary

I joined  in 2006. I'd been to see lots of DP plays and my friend Bridget invited me to come and meet the members. I decided to join and have had a fun time since.  I've acted on stage and done all the different backstage tasks (except lighting and sound). One of my favourite rolls was as Jane in "Wife after Death" when I acted with Winnie a beautiful, and well behaved, cocker spaniel. She stole the show I think!!  DP also has a very active social side."

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